Lies Your Parents Will Tell You

(This is a Guest post to CurrentMom )

I am an especially good candidate for being an Aunt.

I was a child. I had parents. And I have grown up enough to see how their advice turned out.

From that position of power and wisdom, there are a few things I want my nieces to know in order that they can benefit from my wisdom at an early age and not spend four decades of their life figuring it out (like I did).

1. Your parents will lie to you

Your parents won’t lie as in “telling a fib,” but they won’t always tell you the exact truth or the whole truth or the truth in context. This isn’t because they’re bad people. In fact, it’s anything BUT that. It’s because they love you and they want the best for you and they want your life to turn out as good as possible. So, when it comes to these wonderful, loving people, trust but verify. Just saying.

2. Your parents will say you can do anything

Now, in the United States, where we are, this is true in theory. This is the land of the free – so you are technically free to be whatever you want to be.

But the truth is …. read the rest at CurrentMom !

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