Brothers and Nieces

One day, when my niece M was three years old, we walked to the neighborhood playground together for some quality time. At that point in her development, M was obsessed with families. She understood mommies, daddies and sisters. Although there were many examples of brothers in her world, she didn’t really get the concept. She could say that her daddy was my brother, but she clearly didn’t understood what that meant.

Sitting on a bouncy playground apparatus, working hard to balance my weight against that of a three year old, I managed the barrage of questions that flew at me faster than I could possibly answer.

“Are you Addie’s mommy?”

I said yes, acknowledging that I was, indeed, mother to a dog.

“Are you Boo’s mommy?”

I confirmed that I was also the mother to a cat.

I vaguely remember explaining that Addie had a dog mommy when she was born and that Boo had a cat mommy but that I was the mommy who took care of them everyday. I vaguely remember M changing the subject to something more simple.

“Do you have children?”

Find out the answer (and read the rest) at CurrentMom !

Below: My favorite current Brother-Sister comic strip, Oh, Brother! – check it out.  I hope (I’m sure) you’ll love it too.

Oh Brother!, by Bob Weber, Jr and Jay Stephens

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